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Jul 12, 2011 12:00pm EDT
it out on the street. in the meantime, labor secretary hilda solis is giving outdoor workers plenty of breaks and water to keep them safe. >> the weather team is tracking the forecast all day long. go to our website to read more about the dangers of heat related illnesses. just go to >>> now to a developing story on a major maryland interstate. traffic is back to normal after a six-hour nightmare last night. a gas leak caused the highway to close during rush hour. we have the latest on the frantic repairs. >> crews continued to work last night. >> once the mud is removed then contractors can go into the hole and assess the damage. >> officials from washington gas say the intense rain that came down did not make the process any quicker. the broken main is located about 20 feet underground, what is now a muddy mess. yesterday, gas shot into the air 30 feet above ground. they blew -- the air blue the windshield of a piece of heavy machinery. it is not yet clear why no one knew the line was there, whether it was unmarked or unidentified. >> until they get the whole open, they
Jul 21, 2011 6:00pm PDT
transporte del valle de santa clara. --blanca garza tiene la unica entrevista que dio hilda solis, para la television en espaƑol durante este evento. cu-blanca --asi es cesar, ademas, tenemos las imagenes del recorrido que solis dio a la planta donde decenas de estos vehiculos se fabrican. take pkg nat 11:28..."secretary solis.... " --hilda solis, hablo a trabajadores, miembros del sindicato y lideres comunitarios sobre los nuevos autobuses hibridos del vta que ya estan al servicio de los usuarios. nat 16:18 "i'm very pleased and delighted, i salute you..." -- se dijo complacida con el esfuerzo y vio de primera mano, como funcionan estos nuevos vehiculos que funcionan con electricidad y diesel. nat 37:53..."im not gonna get electrocuted?... " 37:58....ooohhh agrego que el futuro laboral esta en la industria de la energia renovable. sot 5:31 "veo que existe mas oportunidad hoy en estos areas de fabricas donde estan haciendo nuevos autobuses y especialmente esta planta aqui." 5:43 sot 6:28 "y los trabajos que estan creando aqui pagan muy bien y eso es la realidad." 6:34 -- 90 de estos autob
Jul 13, 2011 6:30pm PDT
with secretary of labor hilda solis today as she toured an electric power plant in south florida. we started by asking what happens to job growth prospects if there is no debt deal soon. >> it will erode out of the partnership we've made under this administration. we've been able to create 2.2 million private sector jobs, which we know isn't nearly enough, but all of those progressive things that have taken place, and the fact that we've allowed for payroll tax insenltives, all those things go away and it sends a negative message to all the folks looking to the outside as to where our economy is going. i can tell you that our treasury secretary, the president, even leaders from the other side of the aisle are saying we can't allow for our country to go in that direction. it will have a devastating effect. the president said, he's not sure if checks will be mailed out, and social security beneficiaries, and who knows who else? >>reporter: what's the message to corporate ceos likely to report sdeenlt profits, and cash levels are high, but again, they're very reluktdant to add to payrolls with
Jul 17, 2011 7:00pm PDT
. >> carl owe is labor adviser to hilda solis who has declared eliminating child labor her administration administration's top priority. administration's top priority. >> in calendar year '09 there were only six citations. you could have done that in three counties. >> there were three fines and investigations with fines over $4 million in child labor. only about $60,000 worth was levied because of child labor violations in agriculture as op foezed to other industries. >> we showed him more of our footage just as we had to his former boss. >> we just do show and tell. someone else does the work. >> we are leveraging everything we've got to make sure this doesn't happen. >> the department of labor has hired 300 more investigators and asserts it will be out in force in fields this summer, ready to to -- they were take atkin declined our request for an on-camera interview, but wrote us stating they've hired a social compliance firm to upgrade and update its policies and procedures and they've raised the required age of workers in the field from 12 years of age to 14 y
Jul 22, 2011 6:00am PDT
falling down on vital services. an appearance by hilda solis. it begins in front of the oakland city center on broad way traveling through downtown to city hall. a rally is expected. the convention runs through sunday, brings together obama's and to discuss challenges in the work place. a meeting will determine how much money our county court houses lose. california lawmakers have cut $350 million from state courts. today the california judicial council will meet to decide how much money each county is going to lose. many bay area court houses say the cuts mean dozens of people women lose their jobs. san francisco says things could be so bad only criminal cases would go to trial. >> diseases of people cited and released after a protest outside a downtown san francisco hotel. hundreds gathered outside the grant hyatt to protest what they call unfair business practices. they say the hyatt is eliminating jobs and increasing the work load. hired workers have not had a labor contract since 2009. more than 80 were cited. two fires in the altamont pass area burned nearly 550 acres and firef
Jul 29, 2011 6:00am EDT
soften, former of new mexico. on august 30th we'll have an interview with labor secretary hilda solis, and right before 9/11, rudy giuliani, the former mayor of new york, that'll be on september 6th. i'd like to present our guest with the traditional npc gift, and that is -- by the way, i'll just note we call it the npc mug, but you can drink either coffee or tea out of it. >> thank you. sweet tea. it'll be sweet tea. thank you. [applause] >> so one final question. one final question. looking back at history, can you think of two presidents, perhaps one republican and one democrat, that you admire the most? >> >> yes. republican would have to be abraham lincoln, but i have to tell you my all-time favorite president is george washington, and the reason why i admire him so much is because he was a reluctant president. he didn't choose the job, but people around him saw his character and saw the type of life he had lived, and they had urged him to be president. abraham lincoln for obvious reasons. he had to stand tall when the country was virtually disintegrating. i have tremendous admir
Jul 25, 2011 12:00pm EDT
of college in the white house. we got the first latina cabinet secretary, hilda solis. [applause] >> so we couldn't be prouder of the work that so many folks who have been engaged with la raza before, the handiwork that they're doing with our administration and as janet mentioned, obviously, we're extraordinarily proud of someone who's doing outstanding work on the supreme court, sonia sotomayor. [applause] >> now, recently, hundreds of latino officials from across government met with latino leaders from across the country at the white house. and i know some of you were there. and i think all who attended would agree that we weren't just paying lip service to the community. our work together, not just that day, but every day, has been more than just talk. but i told the gathering at the white house was, we need your voice. your country needs you. our american family will only be as strong as our growing latino community. [applause] >> and so we're going to take these conversations on the road and keep working with you because for more than four decades, nclr has fought for opportunities, f
Jul 28, 2011 8:00pm EDT
. gov. jarret -- gary johnson. on august 30, we will have an interview with labor secretary hilda solis. and rudy giuliani, the former mayor of new york on september 6. before we get to the last question, i would like to present our guest with a gift. that is, we call it the mud but you can -- mug a you can drink coffee or tea out of it. >> it will be sweetie. >> looking back at history, can you think of two presidents that you admire the most? >> yeah, republican would be abraham lincoln. my all-time favorite president is george washington. the reason is he was a reluctant president. he did not choose the job but people around him saw his character and saw the type of life he has lived and urged him to be president. abraham lincoln for obvious reasons. he had to stand tall when the country was virtually disintegrating. as far as a democratic president, i have tremendous admiration for harry truman. he was my father's favorite. i read david mccullough's wonderful biography. he is a tremendous man. when you think that he did not have a college degree and yet, he had to deal with the kore
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)